Best Startup Articles

I’m a big fan of startups. Every morning without fail the first apps opened are Twitter, Fast Company, Business Insider, TechCrunch and more recently Quora to find out what is happening in the startup world. I have been doing this religiously for the past 3 years and have amassed quite a list of web clippings thanks to the wonderful Pocket App. Everything from advice, trends, learning code, success and failures mentioned is covered, this is just a little list of articles I just keep on coming back to.

1. Vinicius Vacanti’s blog is a great read. I especially like this his article on how to find a technical co-founder.

2. Dan Martell has some cracking insights about startups, life hacks and sales.

3. Jason Goldberg, CEO of, wrote this blog post which could easily be the basis for a bestselling book. An amazing, thorough list of startup values.

4. I found this video on VentureBeat. A host of Startup all stars talking about the highs and lows of entrepreneurs.

5. Any of Tim Ferriss’ lectures are extremely interesting. In this video he talks about how to build a prototype.

6. Steve Blank’s VentureBeat article on open source entrepreneurship is a list of a bunch of free tools for every aspect of a startup.

7. This is a great post on Quora about what Stanford students did with just $5 seed capital.

8. Frontlines Ventures produced an all encompassing view of the Irish tech scene.

9. Paul Graham talks about how to get ideas.

10. 12 Rules for Building your first profitable startup.

I’m sure there is loads of stuff I missed. These are just a few that I found interesting. Feel free to add more. Happy reading.

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